As a reminder, you will be responsible for printing and bringing your own posters. You will be able to set up your poster in the Poster Reception Hall on the day of your presentation any time after 12pm CT. Please keep your poster up for the whole conference. You will be expected to take your poster down by 10am CT the following day. Posters that are not removed by this time will be discarded.

If you need assistance on printing your poster please use
HFES FedEx Office Poster Site.

Poster Information

Poster Board Dimensions:
Your poster should be formatted to fit within the poster board space of 3 feet 6 inches (42 inches or 106.68 cm.) wide by 3 feet 6 inches (42 inches or 106.68 cm. ) high.  Formatting your poster to fit these dimensions will ensure that adequate space will be available for your poster and those of other presenters.  A diagram of these dimensions appears above for your reference.  If your poster is produced incorrectly and is too wide, it will not be permitted to be posted.  Posters may be secured to the boards by push-pins.

View our Suggested Guidelines for Creating and Arranging Posters.

Poster Dimensions.png

Poster Text and Layout:

  1. Posters must fit within the dimensions of the board.  HFES recommends creating a poster which is a maximum of 42 inches wide x 42 inches high to maximize the amount of space available for your poster.

  2. Text and graphics should large enough to be read from a distance of six feet (two meters).

  3. The poster should be self-explanatory.

  4. The poster should contain the title, authors' name(s), and affiliation(s)

  5. Use clear tables and figures. 

  6. Judicious use of color can often add emphasis.

Poster Materials and Tubes:
HFES is not responsible for damage to or disposal of posters if they are left in the exhibit hall after the allotted poster removal time.  HFES is not responsible for loss or damage to poster tubes or personal items.  We recommend you do not leave poster tubes and personal items unattended beneath your posterboard.  There will not be any audio visual equipment permitted.  Poster presenters cannot bring furniture or laptops to their poster display.  If any poster attendee or author would like a chair please ask the staff for one. We will be happy to accommodate.


You may wish to thumbtack an envelope to the bottom of your board in which to collect business cards from those seeking to contact you for additional information about your work.

On-Site Poster Printing Service:

You may wish to have the in-house FedEx Office Print & Ship Center to produce your poster.   Click here for more information and to place your order.  Orders must be placed by March 13 and the fee for HFES symposium presenters is $98.00 for a 42 ”x 42” poster.